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Braces are a powerful tool that orthodontist Dr. David Richter is highly trained in effectively using to help patients achieve their ideal smile. Whether patients choose traditional metal braces, Damon Braces, or Invisalign, orthodontic treatments can straighten teeth for improved aesthetics and overall oral health. Braces can be used to straighten teeth and correct bite concerns at any age. Dr. Richter provides personalized and comprehensive orthodontics for children, teens, and adults.

Braces can correct:

There are are a range of orthodontic concerns that braces can correct. Orthodontic concerns are bite and teeth alignment issues that compromise the structure and function of the bite and jaw muscle. For many patients, correcting the bite and aligning teeth can actually relieve tension and pain in the jaw and facial muscles.

Before & Afters

Seeing is believing, here are some before and afters of actual patients of Dr. Richter. In these photos, you can see the difference personalize orthodontics can make. Dr. Richter provides thorough bite analysis, and oral health exams to provide treatment that addresses a patients personal oral health and orthodontic concerns. THese patients now enjoy straighter, beautiful smiles that are comfortable and function better.

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Dr. Richter offers a full range of orthodontic treatments including early treatment, orthodontic appliances, and Damon Braces. We offer different types of braces and orthodontic treatments so that Dr. Richter can tailor your corrective procedure to offer optimal results.

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