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Bringing Together Community for a Greater Cause

Richter Orthodontics has been highly impacted by the silent epidemic of suicide. Over the past
year we have mourned the loss of some of our patients, some of our patient’s parents, some of
our team member’s cousins or nephews. These tragedies have struck us to our core so we took
some time to reflect.

At the beginning of 2018 we set a goal to create an impactful community event for Greeley. The
more we began to plan, the more we felt the pull to give back to non profits that help with
suicide prevention, and survivor support. With this in mind, we found Community Grief Center of
Greeley which focuses on the grieving process for family and friends left in the wake of losing a
loved one. We felt that it was also important to work with a foundation that also does suicide
prevention. The Jason Foundation was brought to our attention as they have an outstanding
educational approach to facing this issue head on. After several meetings with both non profits,
Dr. Richter felt it was best to donate all of the proceeds to both these groups.

Join Richter Orthodontics for our 5K Dash For Hope

September is National Suicide Awareness Month
September 15, 2018— 8:00 am- 11:00 am
1813 61st Ave. Ste 100, Greeley, CO 80634

This is our first year holding this 5K race. We are so excited to be able reach out to our Greeley
community as well as Northern Colorado to participate in this event. We have over 2,140
Facebook followers, and an email list with over 1000 contacts. We will also be placing ads on
the Community Grief Centers and Jason Foundation Facebook pages with a combined following
of over 20,000 followers. We will be placing local ads, as well as distributing 500 printed flyers. If
you choose to have a booth at our even you will also have the chance to personally reach out to
the community and promote your company.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
We offer multiple levels of sponsorship as well as customizable marketing opportunities
depending on specific needs. Our sponsorship level form is attached.

Katy Santoyo Lori Chacon
970-392-1733 970-392-1733
1813 61st Ave., Ste 100, Greeley, CO 80634 ~

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