Why Treat Crooked Teeth?

treatment for crooked teeth greeley coFor many patients, both young and older, crooked teeth are often more than a cosmetic concern. Dr. David Richter offers a range of orthodontic treatment options for crooked teeth to straighten your smile and improve dental health for the long run.

Crooked teeth can be the underlying cause of more complex dental concerns, including an imbalanced bite which can often lead to TMJ symptoms. When the teeth are misaligned, it frequently leads to bite problems when chewing, putting uneven pressure on certain teeth and raising the risk of worn or damaged teeth. This misalignment can often lead to bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, a major contributor to TMJ disorders.

In addition to bite concerns, crooked teeth are also difficult to brush and floss effectively and many patients will experience tooth decay and cavities as a result.

Treatment Options for Crooked Teeth

Dr. Richter will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your entire occlusal system, which includes your teeth, gums and jaw joints. A Dawson Academy graduate and practitioner of complete dentistry, Dr. Richter will seek to identify any imbalance in your bite that may compromise your results, ensuring that your orthodontic treatment will support lasting dental health as well as provide a beautiful smile.

Depending on your individual oral health needs and cosmetic goals, treatment options can include:

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