Open Bite: What To Consider

open bite treatment greeley coFor a child with an open bite, early evaluation is often the key to providing effective and timely treatment that will limit the affects of this type of dental problem on speech and other lifestyle habits. Although there are genetic causes of an open bite, the most common reasons for developing an open bite are thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.

In some, cases, addressing the cause successfully early on can enable the open bite to resolve as the permanent teeth grow in. Bringing your child in as early as possible for an evaluation with Dr. Richter will help to determine what treatment may be needed to restore oral health.

Greeley, CO orthodontist Dr. David Richter provides comprehensive treatment for a wide range of dental health concerns, including an open bite. An open bite can have an impact on the facial aesthetics of many patients, often detrimentally affecting self confidence as they grow.

Without treatment, patients with an open bite are at risk of more complex oral health problems down the road, including TMJ and problems chewing and speaking.

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