Earn rewards while improving your smile at Richter Orthodontics in Greeley, CO.

Dr. Richter and his staff understand the dedication required of our patients to maintain good oral hygiene and make time for those extra office visits while in treatment. To reward these efforts, we offer patients the opportunity to earn and spend Richter Bucks for the duration of their orthodontic treatment, making those office visits something to look forward to!

Richter Bucks: How They Work

There are several ways to earn Richter Bucks, which can be used for some great prizes:

  • Good tooth brushing: 2 points awarded
  • Good tooth brushing and arriving at your appointment wearing your Richter Orthodontics hoodie: 4 points awarded
  • Spotted in the community wearing your Richter Orthodontics hoodie: 25 points awarded!

richter bucks rewards greeley co

Richter Bucks: What You Can Win

  • Arby’s gift certificate
  • Barnes and Noble gift certificate
  • Bath and Body Works gift certificate
  • Blue Mug Coffee Bar gift certificate
  • Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificate
  • Chipotle gift certificate
  • Cold Stone Creamery gift certificate
  • Dairy Queen gift certificate
  • Noodles and Company gift certificate
  • Panera Bread gift certificate
  • Pizza Hut gift certificate
  • Starbucks gift certificate
  • Taco Bell gift certificate
  • Wendy’s gift certificate
  • Sports equipment
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