Leisha: Practice Coordinator

Leisha, our Practice Coordinator began working at Richter Orthodontics in 2005. She is certified in CPR and radiographs and has had previous experience for five years in general dentistry and began working in orthodontics in 2001. Leisha not only assists in the clinic, but also functions as the office HR Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, and Accountant.

In her spare time she enjoys camping with her husband and step-sons. She also enjoys yoga and Crossfit. Leisha loves taking off braces and watching someone show off their new smile!

Tayler: Treatment Coordinator & Front Desk

Tayler joined us as part of the front desk team but has quickly worked her way into our treatment coordinator team lead position. She not only excels at her position, but also elevates our practice as a whole. When she is not busy meeting our new patients during their exams, she is training our other treatment coordinators, managing the schedule, and overlooking financial agreements.

She loves spending time with our patients and presenting treatment options as well as answering any financial questions that our patients may have. She is warm and friendly and there could not be a better face to put you at ease when you come into our office.

Tayler is a past collegiate softball player and now coaches a young ladies team. When she is not traveling with her team for tournaments, she enjoys spending her time camping or on the lake. When on the water, her athleticism shines through in wake boarding along with other water sports.

Kellie: Front Office Lead

Kellie is our front office team lead as well as the team lead for our call center. She keeps busy managing front office ordering and schedules. She also trains our front office on our phone protocol and continues to work with our team to perfect their customer service skills. She is incredibly organized, hardworking, and an all around great member on our team. Kellie is typically the first to answer our phones, and her ability to connect with an individual through the phone is second to none.

In her free time Kellie likes to volunteer at the Humane Society of Weld County. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs. She also makes sure to cut out time in her busy schedule to read!

Marvine: Front Desk

Marvine joined Richter Orthodontics as a part of our front desk team! She is fluent in both English and Spanish which makes her a fantastic asset to our office. She is warm and kind, making you feel even more like part of the Richter Orthodontics family. She works hard to keep the front office organized while answering calls and scheduling appointments. Seeing her bright smile at our front desk is a privilege, she is such a joy to be around!

Marvine is born and raised in Southern Colorado. She has 4 grown children, a perfect split of 2 boys and 2 girls. She was blessed with 7 wonderful grandchildren and moved up to Greeley to be closer to them as well as her daughters. She loves being outdoors, golfing, and spending time with her family.

Emily: Marketing Director

Emily is the Marketing Director here at Richter Orthodontics. She graduated from UNC with a degree in marketing and is eager to put her new education to work! She enjoys marketing because she has the ability to directly impact a company and watch it grow.  She enjoys being able to put her creative spin on all of her work whether it be an ad, event, or online. Emily loves that she gets to thrive in an environment where smiles surround her while developing a lasting connection with patients through her variety of marketing tasks.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends in her spare time. She also enjoys exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She loves working at Richter Orthodontics because she gets to watch lives being changed every day with bright new smiles

Lori: Scheduling Coordinator

Lori is the Scheduling Coordinator and joined Richter Orthodontics in January 2007. She believes that customer service is very important and wants each patient and parent to feel welcome and invaluable to Richter Orthodontics.

She is a familiar face for many patients here and is a huge asset with her phenomenal customer service. Her sharp sense of humor keeps the whole office laughing and excited for what each and every day has to bring.

Lori is also a wife and mother, which are the most important roles in her life. She and her husband have been married for many years. They have three grown sons and soon to be three wonderful daughter in laws. Lori enjoys interacting with patients and parents. She says “it is great watching patients’ treatments evolve, leaving them with smiles they are proud to show off!”

Laura: Treatment Coordinator

Laura is one of our treatment coordinators. She loves having the opportunity to connect with all of the new faces that come into our office! She is one of our experts when it comes to specialized treatment and is happy to discuss both treatment and financial options with our new patients.

Laura loves to cook, comping, fishing, and being outdoors. She has two children, a daughter in college and a son who blessed her with a granddaughter! She is always up for a spontaneous outing and spends her favorite season cheering on the Denver Broncos!

Mayra: Treatment Coordinator

Mayra is one of our treatment coordinators here at Richter Orthodontics. She has an incredibly warm personality that will put anyone at ease. She is happy to great all new faces that come in our door for their new patient exam, and is able to help Dr. Richter discuss treatment and financials in both English and Spanish. She is also our expert on Medicaid insurance billing and processing for our patients. She loves working as a treatment coordinator because she gets to see our patient’s total transformation from the very beginning of their journey here, to the very end! Mayra has been and exceptional addition to our team, and we couldn’t be happier to have her with us!

Mayra enjoys spending time with her family in her free time. She also loves to be able to watch her young daughter grow, and enjoys taking her on some fun adventures!

Jackie: Clinic Coordinator

Jackie is our clinic coordinator. When she is not busy treating patients, she is working hard to keep our clinic running like a well-oiled machine. Her experience and extraordinary skill set make her more than qualified to maintain our high standards. She assists Dr. Richter with patient treatment, clinic functions, and is fluent in Spanish and English.

Jackie likes to spend time with her children and boyfriend, watching movies, hiking and being active. One of her favorite hobbies is going to kickboxing at ILKB. She enjoys working at Richter Orthodontics because she likes being able to watch confidence grow in our patients throughout their treatment.

Kayla: Orthodontic Technician

Kayla is an orthodontics technician for our office. After years of assisting in pediatric dentistry, she decided to move careers and join us in orthodontics! With her kind demeanor and experience working with children, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are in the great hands!

Kayla has four beautiful children of her own and loves nothing more than spending time with them and her husband when she is not in our office. Her older kids are now participating in different sports and supporting them has become her new favorite pastime.

Bri: Orthodontics Technician

Bri was an orthodontics technician before joining our team here at Richter Orthodontics. She has experience in the pediatric dentistry and has always been passionate about working with teeth. While she did enjoy working with kids at her last office, she does enjoy working with patients of all ages here. She is extremely kind and nurturing not only to our patients, but to her team as well. Her desire to learn makes her a great

Bri enjoys spending time with her daughter Olivia, being around her family friends, and going for walks. She is a wonderful cook and likes to watch movies.

Jasmine: Orthodontic Technician

Jasmine is one of our orthodontic technicians in the clinic. She is an extremely fast learner and has excelled at a rapid pace here in our clinic. She is a very patient, meticulous, and caring addition to our team. She is a joy to be around and has a very soothing presence for our patients.

Monique: Orthodontic Technician

Monique is one of our orthodontic technicians here in the clinic. Her positivity and upbeat personality has made her a great fit to our team and patients always know they will have great treatment but also have fun when they are with her!

In her spare time, Monique enjoys teaching as well as taking dance classes. She also loves to travel whenever she gets the chance to experience new things and see new places.

Anna: Lab Technician

Anna is the lab technician for our clinic. She has an incredible memory and is able to recall nearly every case she receives. Her laid back personality makes her a complete joy to be around. She has been working at Richter Orthodontics for nearly ten years and we couldn’t have asked for a better person to run our lab. She creates all retainers, habit appliances, expanders, fixed lingual holding arch, and Lucia jigs. She makes it possible for us to deliver same day retainers along with other appliances for the convenience of our patients. Not only does she single-handedly run the dental lab, but she also is responsible for ordering all of our supplies for the clinic.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and friends. Her favorite part about working at Richter Orthodontics is that she gets to work with both kids and adults. Most of all, she loves doing lab work, such as making retainers for patients after their braces are removed.

Vanessa: Clinic Technician

Vanessa is a clinic technician here at Richter Orthodontics. She has worked for Dr. Richter for several years, despite a brief break when she moved to Hawaii with her husband. We were elated when she let us know she was returning to Greeley. She brings a positive energy to our clinic as well as extensive experience and extraordinary chairside manner. Vanessa is able to assist Dr. Richter in both Spanish and English, making her an incredible asset to our team. She is excellent with children and her gentle demeanor makes her a wonderful technician.

When not in the office Vanessa enjoys spending time with her husband, dog, and family. She like to watch scary movies and enjoys time outdoors going for long walks.

Amanda: Clinic Technician

Amanda is a clinic technician here at Richter Orthodontics. She is an incredibly quick learner and loves getting to interact with patients while having an impact on their smile. Amanda is a ‘foodie’ and in her spare time she enjoys spending  time with her wonderful husband and four dogs.

Chelsea: Clinic Technician

Chelsea is a clinic technician here at Richter Orthodontics. She has been a great fit to our team because of her friendly, patient-centric attitude. Her favorite part of working for Richter Orthodontics is the simple fact that she loves conversing with patients, making them laugh, and making their experience with us as fun and enjoyable as she possibly can. In her spare time, Chelsea enjoys spending time with her four-year old so

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