Is Invisalign®teen Right For Me?

invisalign teen greeley coInvisalign® offers patients the opportunity to straighten their teeth and improve dental health with comfortable treatment that is virtually “unnoticeable”. Greeley, CO orthodontist Dr. David Richter offers a full range of Invisalign products, including Invisalign®teen for young adult patients.

For the teen patient, the need for orthodontic treatment often brings anxiety about how their treatment will affect their appearance. Invisalign®teen is a treatment option that enables young adult patients to address dental problems discreetly. In many cases, the cost and duration of treatment is less than what it may be with traditional metal braces.

There are many factors that affect the appropriate orthodontic treatment option for your unique needs and goals. Dr. Richter will thoroughly examine your oral health and discuss your options during your complimentary consultation. Invisalign offers several key benefits for patients:

  • Clear aligners are removable for sports, eating and daily oral hygiene: this can reduce the risk of injury to the soft tissues of the mouth during contact play and allow you to enjoy foods generally “off limits” with metal braces
  • Your teeth will gently be repositioned as you change aligners, which means fewer trips to the dentist and no pain from tightening wires
  • Treatment is generally faster than with metal braces, depending on your dental health and the goal of your treatment.

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